Lego® Serious Play®

It's not just kids that are inspired by these colorful bricks to build, develop and experiment.

That’s the secret to this innovative methodology, based on scientific research that provides an efficient, entertaining way to discuss and develop sustainable visions and objectives for your company.

With Lego® Serious Play®, you'll analyze important themes both strategically and systematically.
The whole group discusses questions and problems, and searches for solutions, with no concern for hierarchy or specific outcomes. Use this method to involve all the relevant people and achieve greater commitment.
Get participants actively engaged in the process with Lego® Serious Play® - and get your project off to a playful start.

How can Lego® Serious Play® help you?

Vision workshops for your company or for individual projects

Project scoping at the start of a project

Developing strategies

Bringing all stakeholders into alignment

Team building


Development of change architectures - from story to implementation

Problem solving

Topics around innovation and creativity

Dialog and engagement tool for big events

LEGO Serious Play for higher education