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Thought Partner

Thought Partnership é a prática de compartilhar ideias e experiência com os outros para ajudá-los a navegar em desafios complexos.

Isso soa muito a aconselhamento ou orientação, mas a principal diferença é que fazer Thought Partnership (parceria de pensamento) é sempre mutuamente benéfica. Quando se emparelha com pessoas que pensam no mesmo comprimento de onda, ressoa, vibra-se, tornando-se um amplificador para as melhores ideias uns dos outros. Quando se emparelha com pessoas que pensam de forma diferente [de nós], há complemento - é como se se pudesse esticar a visão de cada um com a dos demais, como se de determinada situação se possa partir para encontrar e classificar novas abordagens úteis para um problema.

Thought Partnership pode assumir muitas formas diferentes e ser uma parte de vários modelos de parceria.

As pessoas muitas vezes pagam diretamente pelo acto (como nas relações de coaching e consultoria), mas a parceria de pensamento também pode aparecer em relacionamentos menos formais, como um amigo que nos dá inputs, que faz pesquisa, um colega "fixe", ou um mentor.

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artigo da Forbes sobre Thought Partner

A Fascinating New Concept:
How "Thought Partners" Add Value to Your Business

 por Barbara Stanny ,  
There is something new on my radar that I haven’t heard discussed. As I study successful people, I find that in addition to having strong mentors and sponsors, they also have what I have come to call, “Thought Partners.”
A Thought Partner is someone who:
  1. Challenges your thinking.
  2. Causes you to modify or change your paradigms, assumptions or actions
  1. Has information or a way of thinking that provokes you to innovate or otherwise leads to value creation in your business, career or life.
A Thought Partner is different from a Thought Leader. Thought Leaders are people who are clearly and widely recognized as leading experts and visionaries in their field.
Thought Partners may also be Thought Leaders, though generally, they are not. Thought Partners are usually people who possess information, knowledge, or a way of thinking that challenges and provokes divergent thinking and action for you. Your Thought Partners may arise from within any area of your life; you just have to engage with and listen to them. When you can attune yourselves, there is music to be made.
I am blessed to have more Thought Partners than I have room to name here, but a few examples of the types of Thought Partners who have added great value to my business and me are:
Technology Thought Partner: Although Ray Norris is my website developer, he offers me a completely different yet extremely valuable insight about engaging women’s organizations from around the world in our community at The Way Women Work.
Marketing Thought Partner: Erin Swanson is our Digital Director. In addition to the interviews, outreach, writing and social media for which she is responsible, our business derives great value from the very fresh ideas and input she has on visual brand identity and ways we can best reach and hook young business and professional women globally.
Strategic Thought Partner: Victoria Barnard is the retired head of Strategic Planning at Hallmark. As a fellow co-founder of the women’s angel investor network, the Women’s Capital Connection, her astute questions cause me to think about investment opportunities in completely different ways than I otherwise may have.
Divergent Thinking Thought Partner: Connie Campbell is performance consultant for organizations. In the International Women’s Forum group, to which we both belong, we call her “the walking Wikipedia.” Her command of facts and figures and the way she combines seemingly completely unrelated data have caused more than a few “aha” moments for me.
Expand the Pie Thought Partner: Lynn Hinkle is a Public Relations and Public Involvement leader. While we have partnered on client projects, the greatest value we bring to each other’s businesses are new ways of thinking and acting on a larger scale. Our thought partnership has increased opportunities for our respective businesses and for those who work with us.
Be Bold Thought Partner: My husband, Lance Anderson is a highly successful entrepreneur and CEO. Certainly he is very supportive of my work and endeavors, yet it is the novel way in which he problem solves and considers opportunities that leads me to imagine and pursue bigger, bolder, broader avenues.
To get the greatest value from a Thought Partner, engage with them around a topic, idea, problem or opportunity. The key is to just let the conversation flow. It may take a visual, verbal or written form. It can be short or long. Just listen closely to its rhythm and go with it where it wants to go.  Like a jam session between two musicians, no one knows at the outset what the song will become. Like jazz, when two people play off one another they create something entirely new and different.
People who engage regularly with a diverse group of Thought Partners achieve higher levels of performance and success.
When was the last time you jammed with yours?
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